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MAC Chili Swatch

Hi guys, I am Jenna and I am a crazy lipstick addict. I have always loved lipstick even when I was a little girl! I used to watch my mother put on her blood orange or dark cherry red lipsticks and wish to grow up faster so that I could do the same. Now I am all grown up and my passion for lipstick grows bigger and bigger each day. In my collection I have way over 80 lipsticks and counting….. Yes, some will say that I do not need that many and that is impossible to use all of them up. I, however, consider lipstick as a form of art. I love how there are different formulas, finishes and shades and I absolutely love finding and sharing dupes!! I have decided to start this blog to share my all-encompassing passion and also share my knowledge about the subject. After years of testing and comparing different formulas and shades, I do hope that the info I bring to the table will be useful to girls who are either just as crazy for makeup as me or are just looking to find the right product to add to their makeup arsenal.

DISCLAIMER: All products featured on this blog were purchased by me with my own money. Not one lipstick reviewed on this blog was sent to me by the company for a review, nor was I paid by anyone to do these reviews. These reviews come from my own opinions and experiences when testing the product.

If you have questions, you can always contact me by clicking the “contact our beauty team” button on the top left corner. Would love to hear from you!!