Hot Shop Group 3 Hi my loves! Today, I am going to review these three lip crayons that were sent to me from   By the way, I am not paid to do these reviews, so I am going to give you my honest opinion on them as I always do.

Hot Shop Group1   As you can see in the pictures above the packaging delivers to its promise of a “lip crayon”, as they do look like crayons. In my opinion, the packaging is very cute and original. I love the polka dots and stars in the bottom of it and I like the minty color of the stick itself.

The colors shown here are 03, 07 and 01 respectively. They don’t have names, just numbers. Hot Shop group2

Hot Shop 03.

It is a very beautiful terra-cotta color with muted warm, orange undertones. This color will look great on girls who have warm undertones to their skin. Even though the color is pretty opaque, it is not super intense, so many skin tones can pull it off.

The formula is very lightweight and reminds me of that of a lip balm, except for it has a pretty good color pay off and a subtle elegant shine. On the lips it looks like a pretty gloss, but it will not feel sticky at all like a normal gloss would. On me personally, the shade “03” looks like a beautiful nude. I think that it is great everyday shade.

Hot Shop 03 itself Hot Shop 03


Hot Shop 07.

Hot Shop 07 is a more intense, bright medium fuchsia with subtle blue undertones and barely there specks of blue shimmer. Once on the lips it will not look or feel glittery, but will give lips the luminescent shine. Of all three, this shade has the best color pay off and the only one that leaves a stain after it is gone. It lasts for about 2-3 hours. Transfers well, so if you are eating or drinking, reapplication is necessary. These crayons have absolutely no smell and glide on the lips like butter, which is always a plus. Also, they are pretty moisturizing, and not drying at all. Even though “07” has blue undertones to it, any skin tone can pull it off. These crayons do have a good color pay off, but the colors are still not intense or opaque enough to not be able to pull them off.

Hot Shop 07 itself Hot Shop 07

Hot Shop 01.

It is a pretty medium pink, kinda rosy color that will suit absolutely any skin tone. Depending on your skin tone, this shade might look nude or neutral. On me it looks more rosy and is perfect for my “low-profile” days when I don’t feel like making a statement with my lip.

Overall, I like these crayons. Pros are that they are moisturizing, have a lip balm like texture and feel, provide a good, medium coverage and slight glossiness to the lips. Obviously, if you are more into mate, bold look these are not going to be your first choice, but if you are looking for a no lipstick lipstick, these might be the answer!

Hot Shop 01 itself Hot Shop 01


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