MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick Review

Mac relentlessly red

This had quickly become my favorite lipstick. It is super matte, super long-lasting and it is MAC!!!

The color is absolutely gorgeous, even though I have trouble telling whether it is pink or red, probably because it is borderline. Some girls say it looks more pink and some say it looks more red. I therefore make a conclusion, that it can look either red or pink, depending on the tones of your skin. If you are more cool toned, it will look like a beautiful rose pink and if you are more warm toned, like me, it will look like a reddish pink. The undertone of this color is cool, it is a blue-based lipstick, but it does not have too much blue in it, which makes it easy for anyone to pull off.

I would recommend this color to girls with medium skin tones. If you are fair and like the look of a bright lip, you can also pull off this shade.

The formula, as mentioned above, is perfect for anyone who loves MAC “retro matte” look and feel. This lipstick is super matte and is drying. The application is relatively easy with some pulling on the lips. I recommend using a lip primer before applying. It will make the application easier. I wore this shade for New Years Eve, because I knew I was going out and that always involves lots of eating and drinking and maybe even kissing (though I did not kiss anyone). It lasted on me literally all night. I partied from 9pm to 5 am and when I got home, the lipstick stayed put as if I just applied it. Also, it is very staining. I recommend removing it with an olive oil or your favorite makeup remover, because just soap and water won’t do the job.

Overall, I love this formula and this shade.

Undertones: blue,cool

Who can pull off: warm and cool undertones, light to medium skin tones. Will look gorgeous on girls with dark eyes and hair.

Closest Dupe: Kat Von D “Bachlorette”

Best matching lip liner: MAC “In Anticipation”



relentlessly red swatch2 relentlessly red swatch

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