Milani Matte Orchid Lipstick Review

milani matte orchid1 milani matte orchid2 Milani Matte Orchid is a part of Milani’s Moisture Matte launch. Not that I needed any more lipsticks, but these claimed to have a moisturizing properties in addiction to the glamorous matte look. To a great surprise, they deliver to their promise and these lipsticks do moisturize, as well as giving my lips an irresistible matte look. But….. it comes at a price. If you remember/own any of the lipsticks from a previous Milani matte launch, you remember how long lasting and staining they were. Well, not these. As I later found out, with the Moisture Matte launch, Milani modified the formula and made it moisturizing by adding the grapeseed oil, which in turn made the formula not as long lasting. Now, these lipsticks last for only 3-4 hours maximum and the color starts fading away from the middle within the first two hours. You absolutely have to reapply even if you are not eating or drinking. I guess everything comes at a price? Haha.

Matte Orchid is a very bright saturated and extremely pigmented fuchsia. It reminded me of a MAC Pink Pigeon a little bit, but then I compared the two and came to a conclusion that Pink Pigeon is a much brighter pink. Nevertheless, Matte Orchid is still a very bright pink. On lighter skin tones, it may even appear like pink based purple. It has strong blue undertones and will look gorgeous on girls with cool undertones, especially those with darker skin tone.

Aside from the staying power, nothing else has disappointed me. The application is wonderful: glides on the lips super smooth and one swipe is enough to get the full coverage. It is also very lightweight. The scent is minimal. When it is in the tube, it smells like a vanilla chocolate, but once it is on the lips, it completely fades away.

Overall, I like this lipstick and would repurchase.

Undertones: blue

Who can pull off: cool undertones, medium to dark skin tones

Closest Dupe: MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Best matching lip liner: NYX in Fuchsia

matte orchid swatch2

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