Lorac Supermodel Lipstick Review

lorac supermodel 1 lorac supermodel 2 Lorac Supermodel lipstick is a part of Lorac Alter Ego Collection. I own two lipsticks from this collection and both of them are matte finish. I know that they all are supposed to have a matte finish, however I have heard that some of them have more of a satin finish than matte.

Lorac Supermodel is a medium flesh toned nude lipstick with warm orange undertones and some pink in it. In a way, this color is kind of retro, just because it is quite unique for a nude lipstick. I would describe this nude as a salmon nude. Even though I don’t really like wearing nude lipsticks, this one has quickly become my favorite. Since it has both orange and pink in it, light skin tones as well as medium skin tones can pull of this lipstick quite well.

As much as I love the color, I cannot say the same about the formula. Definitely not my favorite. Application is kind of hard, as it looks kind of cakey and applies unevenly. The best way to apply it is with a lip brush. It is rare that I use a lip brush to apply my lipstick, but for this one I make an exception, just because I like the color so much. I guess the original idea for this lipstick was to be opaque and full coverage, but given how uneven and cakey it goes on the lips, the full coverage just isn’t there. You can always try to layer more on with your lip brush, but when I try to do it, it looks cakey. It is still matte though, so that is nice.

With that said, Supermodel does not stain the lips, very easy to remove and is easily transferred. The wear time is about 3-4.5 hours. But if you are planning to wear it all day, reapplication will be needed.

Lorac Supermodel smells absolutely divine, like a favorite vanilla chocolate custard! I love this smell and always want to eat it when I open the tube up. Overall, I am very happy with the color and not so much with the quality. I will not be repurchasing.

Undetones: warm

Who can pull off: fair and light skin tones

Closest dupe: pretty unique color, so the closest dupe will only be about 60% close MAC Myth.

Best matching lip liner: I looked everywhere and could not find the perfect lip liner for this lipstick. I use Rimmel in”Tiramisu” and then blend it with a lip brush.

supermodel swatch1 supermodel swatch2

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