L’oreal British Red Lipstick Review

british red L’Oreal British Red is a bright orange-red lipstick with strong warm, orange undertones. The finish is similar to MAC’s amplified cream, except that L’Oreal British Red has less pigment. The color is buildable. Two swipes will give you the full coverage.

The color will look great on anybody with warm undertones, given you are ready to rock this bright of a red lip. Depending on your skin tone, it may look more red or more orange. On me personally, it looks like a very bright red.

It applies very smoothly without tagging on the lips or settling in the lip lines. The lasting power did not impress me. It lasted for about 2.5 hours and after that started fading from the middle, leaving a slight but even stain. The satiny sheen disappears after about 2 hours. It is nether drying nor hydrating, and it transfers well, so if you are eating or drinking, you will definitely need to reapply.

This lipstick smells just like the rest of L’Oreal lipsticks. I would describe the smell as rosy.

Overall, it is a nice lipstick for the price. But as far as repurchasing, I personally was not impress enough to repurchase in the future.

Undertones: warm, orange

Who can pull off: anyone with warm undertones, provided you like a bold red lip

Closest dupe: YSL 01 (darker, about 85% similarity)

Best matching lip liner: MAC in “Redd” or Laura Mercier “Warm Poppy”

british red swatch british red swatch2

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