Milani Matte Passion Lipstick Review

Matte Passion1 Matte Passion2┬áMilani Matte Passion is a part of a newly launched Milani “Moisture Matte” collection. The new formula promises to keep the beautiful and opaque matte finish, and also give lips the moisture that so many matte lipsticks fail to do. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the company kept its promised. Surprised not because I don’t believe that Milani can keep their promises, but because I have never came across a matte lipstick that would actually be hydrating as well. So, this is a huge plus!

As for the color, Milani Matte Passion is a bright orange-red with strong warm, orange undertones. It can look more red or more orange depending on the skin tone. I am light to medium with warm undertones and on me it looks more orange. When it is on my lips, it is actually arguable whether the color is red or orange. In the tube however, it looks like a fire engine red. This color would look great on medium and olive skin tones, especially if they have warm undertones.

As I already said, I love the formula. It is very opaque, very matte, the color you see is the color you get and it is hydrating. It lasted for full five hours with a slight fading by the end of the fifth hour. The transfer is medium, so if eating or drinking reapplication may be needed.

It applies very evenly and smoothly. No dragging or tagging along the lips, I also did not notice any color bleeding.

Overall, love the product and definitely recommend.

Undertones: warm, orange

Who can pull off: light to medium and olive with warm undertones.

Closest dupe: NARS Lana (slightly darker and satin finish, about 90% similar) and MAC LE Marilyn Monroe “Scarlet Ibis” (slightly more orange, about 95% similar)

Best Matching lip liner: Laura Mercier in “Warm Poppy” or MAC in “Redd”

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