Givenchy Magnolia Organza Review

givenchy10 Givenchy Magnolia Organza is a medium to dark hot pink with warm undertones and a classic cream finish. The color looks best on girls with light to medium warm skin tones. It will look good both on blondes and brunettes. Pale skin tones may be able to pull this color off, but it depends on the personal preference towards the bright pink lip, as on paler skin tones, this color may look brighter.

As for the formula, it goes on the lips very smoothly, without tagging or settling in the lip lines, leaving a satiny finish, but not very glossy. Just enough shine to make lips appear fuller and moisturized. It is neither drying nor hydrating. The color is opaque with two swipes enough for full coverage.The staying power is what got me disappointed in this lipstick. It only lasts for about 2.5 hours, the satiny finish dries out within the first two hours of wear and the color slowly fades away within the next hour, leaving an uneven stain. The solid color only stays on the outside of the mouth, as inside fades away almost completely, thus creating a “lipliner effect” ( when it looks like you only colored the outside of your lips and not inside)

It has a very interesting smell, that I have trouble describing. I want to say that it somewhat reminds me of rosy, but it is more sour. However, it is subtle enough to not ruin it for people who are sensitive to smells. Once it is on the lips, you will not feel it.

Overall, considering the price of this product ($30-$34), I have to say that it is not worth splurging. The color of this particular one is gorgeous, but in order to look decent, you would have to constantly reapply it, especially if you are eating or drinking. I like to use this lipstick only when I know that I am not going anywhere for a long time. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like to keep reapplying my lipstick over and over. I will not be repurchasing.

Undertones: warm

Who can pull it off: light to medium with warm undertones

Closest dupe: Bobbi Brown in “Watermelon” ($26)

Best matching lip liner: MAC “In Anticipation”

magnolia swatch magnolia swatch2


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