Lorac Jet Setter Lipstick Review

IMG_5351 IMG_5349 Lorac Jet Setter lipstick ($16) is a part of a Summer 2014 Alter Ego release. These lipsticks are described as “highly pigmented cream lipsticks” and are supposed to be matte. It also says that they contain a bunch of antioxidants as well as vitamins C and E for hydration. To be honest, this description is what got me to buy them. And, I must say they did deliver to their promise.

I’ll start with the formula. Jet Setter is in fact a very highly pigmented, opaque lipstick with a matte finish and creamy application. It does not tug on the lips, instead it glides on quite smoothly, providing full coverage with just one swipe. The only thing that I noticed and was not a fan of is that it applis a little too heavy and you can definitely feel that you have something on your lips. This is not a lightweight lipstick.

It lasts for a very long time, about 7-8 hours and is a little, just slightly drying. It does transfer, but the transfer is minimal. If you are going out and you are only going to be drinking, then you can rest assured that reapplication will not be necessary for the duration of the night. As far as eating goes, the color can move a little, but not much. Depending on the types of food, reapplication may be necessary.  It does stain and it stains a lot. If you don’t have an oil based remover, you are going to end up with a purple stain on your lips. I always recommend olive oil, because it removes everything (this lipstick included).

Now to the color. Lorac Jet Setter is a beautiful medium purple. It is definitely a cool toned lipstick, but compared to the other purples, it does not have as much blue in it. I would say that for a purple, it is a pretty warm one. Warm enough for me to pull off anyway and usually I am not the one to rock purple.

Due to its combination of warm and cool undertones, a lot of skin tones can pull this one off. It would look gorgeous on girls with deeper and darker skin tones, but it will also look amazing on girls with light and medium skin tones, especially if you are the owner of brown eyes. This color really brings the brown out.

Overall, I do like this lipstick. If you like matte finish and opaque coverage, you should definitely give this one a try.

Undertones: cool, blue

Who can pull off: almost anyone, but looks best on dark skin tones, as well as on lighter tones with brown eyes.

Closest dupe: Maybelline Hot Plum (80% similarity)

Best matching lip liner: NYX in “Bloom”

jet setter swatch1 jet setter swatch2

If you would like to purchase it, you can click on the image below:

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