Essence Blush My Lips Review

essence Essence Blush My Lips is a highly saturated, deep darker pink, that depending on the skin tone may appear more red or more pink. It definitely has some blue in it, but the balance of blue and yellow is perfect enough for many skin tones to be able to pull off. Considering how saturated and dark of a pink it is, it will look great on darker skin tones. If you are the owner of the light or pale skin, you may find yourself reaching for this lipstick to create a bold, yet not too bright lip look or to bring out a neutral eye.

Essence Blush My Lips is richly pigmented, gives you the full coverage with just one swipe. It has a satiny finish with a very slight sheen, which goes away within the first two hours. I found that for how pigmented and long lasting it is (about 4-5 hours), it actually is also quite hydrating! Compared with the price of only $3, this lipstick is a true steal!

The transfer is medium and it is not drink or food proof. It does stain but the color will still move and you would need to reapply. The only disadvantage that this product has is a slight and subtle plastic smell. It goes away once it is on the lips, but if the smells usually bothers you, my advice is to smell it before you buy it. Personally, smells don’t bother me much and this one is very subtle. Plus for the price of it and its many merits, I am happy to disregard the scent completely.

Overall, I love the product and will definitely repurchase!!

Undertones: cool, blue

Who can pull off: will look especially good on darker skin tones, even though other skin tones can pull it off easily

Closest dupe: Bare Minerals “Risk It All” (around 85% similarity, it is darker)

Best matching lip liner: MUFE Aqualip in 19C

essence swatch 1 essence swatch 2

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    This is lovely….. I may have to try!!!

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