Tory Burch Scoundrel Lipstick Review

IMG_5242e IMG_5233e Tory Burch (05) Scoundrel is a deep cherry red with some blue undertones. It definitely is cool toned lipstick, but it does not have a lot of blue in it, so pretty much anyone can pull it off. It is a darker slightly darker red that the “classic red” lip color, but it can definitely give you a classic red lip look. Tory Burch Scroundel is especially beautiful as a night time lipstick color– great to wear on a date or a soiree.

To be honest, I bought this lipstick solely because of its packaging. I am a sucker for a beautiful designs, and let’s face it, this one is just one of a kind. We have always known that Tory Burch has a distinct style, which did not fail to show up in the design of her makeup line as well. All of the products come in a original orange square tube, caged in gold, with a famous Tory Burch logo on top.

Needless to say, this lipstick stands out the most on my vanity. There’s only one problem with it: I never want to take it out with me, because it just constantly opens up in my purse and makes a mess. So, when I do go out, I always have to take a similarly colored lipstick that has more secure packaging than this one. But more on that later.

This lipstick has a very distinct, yet very subtle smell. The best way to describe it as a very thin flowery smell, that can go completely unnoticeable if you are insensitive to smells or are not looking for the smell. My point is, it is extremely subtle.

Formula wise, it is very opaque and provides nice full coverage with one swipe. The finish is close to that of MAC’s creamsheen–very pigmented with a distinct but classy sheen to it. It is much more lightweight than Mac though. Stays on for about 3-4 hours and transfers really well. If you eat or drink, the color will be completely gone. It also stains but the stain does not linger for long, maybe a half an hour at maximum. I noticed that it was nether drying nor hydrating. the application is very smooth, yet a little slippery, so be careful when applying. This is a type of lipstick that does not need a lip balm underneath it, unless of course, your lips have terrible dry patches.

This particular color will look great on almost anybody. From pale to dark skin tone, you can pull this one off, given you pair it with the right occasion and makeup.

Undertones: cool, blue

Who can pull  off: almost anyone (pale to dark)

Closest dupe: Hourglass Icon (not an exact dupe, but about 70% close)

Best matching lip liner: MUFE Aqualip in 19C

tory burch swatch 1 tory burch swatch2

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