Milani Fruit Punch Lipstick Review


Let me just say that there was so much hype around these drugstore lipsticks that I just felt the absolute need to get one! I mean they were everywhere: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube–you name it. Of course when there’s a makeup hype around something that is readily available price-wise and otherwise, I tend to run to the store and get it. I just cannot pass up on the opportunity to figure out if the item is worth the hype. Let me tell you, not all of them are, but Milani Fruit Punch actually is. One girl on YouTube compared the quality of this lipstick brand to the quality of her MAC lipstick. Needless to say, that comparison is what actually got me going.

So, the question is: are these lipsticks really as good as MAC? Well, yes and no. “Yes” because they smell amazing, they are wonderfully matte, super pigmented, extremely opaque and stay on the lips all day–I mean you can eat, drink and even kiss (just not french kiss) and it will stay put for hours–like 5 or 6.

“No” because they stain the lips pretty harshly, to the point when you need some serious makeup remover (or I always recommend olive oil) to actually remove the stain. However, that is actually the only problem I see with this lipstick. I do not know if that’s a big problem or not–decide for yourself, but for a $6 lipstick, I think that’s a minor flaw.

Now that we’ve devoted much time to the formula, let’s move on to the color. This one is a flirty girly pink with neutral undertones and would suit anyone who has fair to medium skin tone. Girls with darker skin tones need to stay away from that color, as it may appear too pale. The name “fruit punch” suits it really well, as it looks like a perfect strawberry milk shake with extra whipped cream on top.

Undertones: neutral

Who can pull it off: fair to medium skin tones. Undertones do not matter, as this lipstick has both cool and warm. If you like bold, pink lips, go for it.

Best matching lipliner: NYX in “Rose”

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