How To Choose a Perfect Pink Lipstick

IMG_5282Pink—the one lipstick color that nearly every woman owns as a part of her makeup arsenal. It is the color that is supposed to imitate the natural color of the lips giving them that glamorous “your lips, but better effect”. If chosen correctly, it can compliment your skin tone, make your lips appear more sensual and polish your look. Given that there are so many different pink lipsticks shades available on the market to choose from, the question is: how do you choose the right one?

I have interviewed an LA-based professional makeup artist, Amy Marie to help us with the matter. She says that when choosing your perfect pink lipstick shade, you should pay lots of attention not only to the tone of your skin, but also to its undertone.

Light/Fair skin tones. According to Amy Marie, ladies with fair and light skin tones, should choose a lipstick that is crisp and pigmented or soft and sheer. If your skin has red undertones, “choose a peachy pink shade as it helps to neutralize the red undertone”, recommends Amy.

Amy also says that a lipstick with a blue undertone is better, as it makes your teeth look whiter. “So not only your lips look good, but your smile looks great as well”—says Amy.

Product picks: Mac “Angel”, Mac “Cream Cup”, Tarte “Angelic Nude”. Givenchy “Rose Dahlia”

Medium skin tones. If you are the lucky owner of the medium skin tone, you can pull off almost any shade of pink, as well as bright pinks. If your skin has blue undertones and you prefer bold lip, choose a blue-based lipstick, such as MAC “Candy Yum Yum” or MAC “Pink Pigeon”. If you want to achieve a natural look, Amy Marie recommends picking nudish or watermelon pink shades, such as Too Faced “Juicy Melons” or Tarte “Golden Pink”.

Deep/dark skin tones. According to Amy Marie, “bright and bold pinks from magenta family are the best”. One great choice is MAC “Girl About Town”. For a more toned down look, Amy suggests a lighter purple-toned lipsticks such as MAC “Pink Nouveau”. If your skin has cool undertones, you should pick a lipstick with blue undertones, such as Tom Ford “Plum Lush”. If your skin has yellow undertones, go for a warmer shade, such as Bare Minerals “Risk it All”.


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