MAC Retro Matte “Rooby Woo” Lipstick

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I think it will be safe to say that this lipstick is one of the most famous MAC lipsticks. It is bright, saturated rooby red, fully opaque and absolutely matte. It has been mentioned and glorified many times by many celebrity makeup artists. Lisa Eldridge recommended it in her “Marilyn Monroe” makeup tutorial and it has been countlessly mentioned as a go-to classic red lip by famous YouTubers. Now that the holidays and Christmas in particular is just around the corner, this lipstick might come in handy for creating those perfect Christmas looks. You know what I am talking about–the famous green eyeshadow paired with red lips look.

The other wonderful thing about this lipstick is that it will stay on for many many hours, even if you are eating or drinking. So feel free to feast away on your Christmas dinner without worrying too much about leaving marks on the wine glasses and reapplying constantly. This lipstick does not transfer well, instead it stains well. This lipstick is an all-nighter; without reapplying it will last about 4-5 hours on you and it will not bleed or feather for the duration of your celebration.

Forgot to mention: even though blu-based, it goes well with almost any skin tone.  Have fun!!

Best matching lipliner: MAC in “Cherry”

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