Dior Eyeshadow Montaigne (646) Palette Review

dior palette2

Ok, so I know this is not lipstick related at all, and this is a lipstick blog, but ever since I got this palette, I have been so in love that I cannot help but share my love with you guys.

First of all, I have been obsessing over Dior palettes even before I owned any of them. Why you ask? The answer is simple–I am a total sucker for packaging and the quilt imprinted shadow encased in the slick, elegant navy blue case has always blown my mind. So one day I simply decided that it’s time to make my Dior eyeshadow dream come true. It cost me $60, but it was so worth it!

dior palette1

This palette has five colors. The middle one is a medium beige color and has a large “CD” imprint on it. It was designed to put all over the eyelid to make the rest of the colors blend well together. Starting from the upper left corner and going clock wise, the colors are: pale pink, white, dark brown and a lighter brown. All of the colors, except for the middle one(matte finish) have a slight satin finish. They blend extremely well and are pretty versatile–with 5 given colors, you can create many different looks for many different occasions.

dior palette3

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