L’Oreal Color Riche “I Pink You’re Cute” Review


When I first saw this one at Walgreens, I just couldn’t resist but buy it. I am naturally drawn to bright lipstick shades and this just reminded me of how I wanted to wear lipstick when I was a little girl and how I of course wasn’t allowed to do that. So now that I am actually allowed, I decided to buy it. However, as soon as I came home and tried it on, I realized that this will not be a part of my everyday makeup routine.The color is very girly bright pink and if I had to describe it in just two words, I would say: barbie pink. The shade has cool undertones and is quite pigmented with slightly glossy, satin finish. By first looking at it, I mistakenly thought that this product will be opaque, but it turned out to be more sheer.

Now to the formula…….

It glides smoothly on the lips, but the formula is extremely slippery, making it hard to achieve an even color. Unfortunately it also settles in lip lines and dry patches if there are any. Pushing lips together is highly unrecommended as it will make the color concentrate in one area of the lips, taking it away from the other, again, making the color extremely uneven. Fortunately, it is hydrating, but the color doesn’t last very long, only about two or three hours and it does transfer very well, leaving lips with no color at all if you are eating or drinking. Also, it does not stain the lips at all.

The smell is subtle and if you are familiar with other L’Oreal lipsticks, this one is no different– it has this distinguished smell so typical for all company’s lipsticks.

Best matching lip liner: NYX (840) Rose

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