Clinique Full Potential Lips “Glamour-Full”(03) Lip Gloss

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When this lipgloss and I first met, it was in a tiny sample tube and each time I thought I needed something neutral yet noticeable on my lips, I would always reach for this gloss. Soon came the time when I ran out of the product and decided to go to the store to purchase it in full size. And, boy did I have trouble finding it! It simply was nowhere to be found…..until, I ran into a very friendly sales associate at Bloomingdales who told me that Clinique has discontinued this line of lip glosses and ordered it for me online from Clinique site where the last two of them were left.

Now, let me tell you why I desired this product so much to begin with. I am a visual person and for me it is very important what my lipgloss looks like on the lips. So many products say “gloss” and it turns out to be not glossy at all or the glossiness fades away in an hour or so. This one is different: it is super glossy and the most important part, the glossiness stays on for three hours (given you are not eating or drinking) which to me, is very long-lasting. The color in the tube is a dark chocolatey nude with very subtle golden shimmer. It is semi-opaque and buildable, meaning that you will get the full color on the lips with two-three layers.

The formula is thick, tacky and sticky which is a downside. However, this flaw can be easily overlooked by the fact of how glossy it is and how long it lasts.

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