Maybelline Color Sensational “Brazen Berry” Lipstick Review


This is by far one of the brightest purples that I have ever seen. This color is so vibrant and juicy, it makes me want to eat this lipstick. On the lips however, it looks even more vibrant than in does in the tube. Which makes it not so wearable on a day-to-day basis. I would classify this lipstick as “night time only” just because it is such a bright, in-your-face purple. I would describe it as a very saturated blue-based lavender color with cool undertones.

The formula reminds me of other Maybelline lipsticks from this collection. It is opaque with satin sheen finish and this particular shade has a slightly glossier look than the other ones do. Lipstick applies smoothly without tagging. However, there is a slight tendency of settling in the lip lines and dry patches. Thankfully the color does not slip around and stays put, so all you need to achieve an even coverage is just 2 layers.

It is very pigmented, slightly staining and long-lasting–about 4 to 5 hours without the need to reapply. However, if you eat and drink, it transfers quite a bit and it might be something to consider when going out to dinner. It is neither drying nor hydrating. As far as smell goes, it has the exact same scent as all of Maybelline lipsticks do. I have trouble describing it, but it smells kinda like vanilla mixed with wax. I know that some people hate the smell and others are ok with it. I happen to be the one who is ok with it and even like it.

Best matching lipliner: NYX (834) Prune

brazenberry1 brazenberry2

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